Every day, new discoveries and connections are being made. They occur all over campus, in labs and classrooms, at networking events and competitions with the latest news and events, research centers, student groups. At WFDP University, scientists and students fearlessly challenge assumptions to imagine what’s next.



Innovation Inspires the Student Experience

Through experiential learning opportunities and exemplary instructors who continue to practice in

their fields, we train students to be courageous thinkers and resilient leaders.

Research fuels our innovation. By translating knowledge into original solutions our faculty, scholars,

and students confront some of the world's toughest problems.

At WFDPU University we’re passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how, in

partnership, we can apply this to real challenges.


Expertise & Knowledge

So How can I access WFDPUniversity’s academic expertise?

 Finding an academic consultant

-Develop your skills

-Recruit a graduate

-Join an open study session

-Attend an event


Resources & Facilities

How can I benefit from WFDPUniversity's resources & facilities?

By Use Equipment & Resources

-Find Space to grow

-Host an event

-License technology


Research & Partnerships

How can I work in partnership with WFDPU University?

By Collaborate on a research project

-Form a strategic alliance

-Join a network

-Second a researcher

-Mentor, Advice, or Coach

-Invest in a spinout

-Industrial Strategy





The success of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is measured by the transformational impact, it activates. 


The Arts,

New Technology,

Agriculture & the Environment,

Public Health and Social Impact.