Ambassador Ekramy El-Zaghat has founded the World Fund for Development and Planning (WFDP), an official partner of the UN Organizations, with a mission of generating a variety of educational, economic, industrial, and cultural projects in several African countries; all aimed at developing individuals and industries for a brighter future for the continent.

Over the last many years, Ambassador Ekramy has participated in most of the international forums held in Egypt such as Arab Consumer Protection Conference, the Arab Economic Media Conference, the Conference of the protection of intellectual property rights, and the Conference on Joint Arab Arbitration.

Ambassador Ekramy is a visionary leader with a visionary plan of a world free of poverty even though it is a hugely difficult challenge. He is, however, determined to overcome such challenges through dedication to his ideals & resolve, decisive & result-oriented steps, the achievement of several, identifiable milestones & measurable progress, and a lot of diligence and hard work.

Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat looks forward to putting his experience in the field of international relations and development to best serve this cause he wholeheartedly believes in.