We support and provide ways for our alumni and friends to get involved in the life of the University of London. We also work to ensure that every member of our global community can access our world-class services and facilities. Our program of events brings our alumni together to celebrate debate and collaborate, while our international network of local groups allow alumni to reconnect and find new friends in their region.


Become part of a global network

Wherever you are in the world, there are different ways for students and graduates to keep in touch with each other and become part of our supportive community. Distance learning can broaden your mind to new ways of communicating, new ways of studying collaboratively, and new ways of networking for future career benefits.

The University’s response to COVID-19



Our academics and colleagues continue to support our global community of students by working and delivering instruction remotely as a pioneer in flexible learning.  We are fortunate that the University already has robust systems in place to enable online and distance study. It is what makes the WFDPUniversity unique. We are therefore also able to provide advice and support to some of the University’s member institutions, who are moving their programs to online teaching and learning during the pandemic.